Have u ever completed a marathon? This u definitely can...This marathon u will go through the rounds of Speed Sketching, followed by T-shirt painting, then Paper Craft, Nature Craft and lastly Face painting. Speed Sketching T-shirt painting Paper Craft Nature Craft Face painting.

Series of art competition will be conducted for a group of 3 participants. Competition will be conducted under the guidance of event coordinators. Participants need to form a team of 2-3 members. They will be given a series of tasks which they need to finish in given time. The tasks include- ? Pencil sketching ? poster colour painting ? Paper cutting ? Face painting ? Live sketching One hour will be given for each competition. Materials will be provided. Duration- 4 hours.

Prizes worth Rs. 8,000 to the winners

Ruchira Borhadi 9930927327 [email protected] Vishnu R 8547405097 [email protected]