A 10-hour design-based hackathon, from a seemingly easy problem to an implemented solution. Participants compete in teams of 2-5 members across fields. The designathon will witness solutions from across the spectrum ranging from engineered devices to design languages to business blueprints and more. Unlike regular hackathons which require or expect solutions to be engineering/product based, the Designathon accommodates final solutions in which design, business, architecture, engineering or any other discipline may be a major portion. Your final solutions will be judged along with the process you follow to arrive there. The topic and the problem statement will accommodate as many fields as possible. In the end it’s up to you to use your imagination and creativity in parallel with your skill set and team playing abilities to solve problems, market, socialize and have fun. Students need not be from the same institute and a Slack channel will be opened up to all registered participants where they may form teams via networking from participants across the globe. Note: You will currently register as individual participants. You will register as a team on the day of the event.

Duration: 24 Hours Team Members: 2-5 Eligibility Rules: 1. Must be 18 or older. 2. Team leaders must possess a valid bank account (to transfer money if you have won). 3. Have 2-5 members in a team, where all members can be from engineering background and all members can be from a non-engineering background. Engineering background includes degrees such as B.Tech, M.Tech, BE, ME, BSc in an engineering or IT field and Msc in an engineering or IT field. Diploma and polytechnic students follow similar applicable rules. 4. Must be enrolled in an educational institution and must currently be pursing an undergraduate degree, a graduate degree, a Ph.D or similar professional studies course. Students pursuing diplomas or polytechnic courses but enrolled at recognized educational institutions are also welcome to participate. People who have left their studies (including recent graduates, drop-outs and working professionals) are not allowed to participate in the event. Schools students as well as students who have completed high-school but are not actively enrolled and/or pursing a degree (as stated) are also not allowed. 5. Organizers will have final say for any and all eligibility disputes. Registration Pre-requisites: 1. All team members must possess government issued ID (Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Driver’s License, Voter ID, Govt. Issued Residence Permit, etc.). 2. All team members must possess Institution ID Card or a bonified certificate that proves that your enrolled in your institution. 3. Registration will not be completed if you are not in possession of either of the above pre-requisites and you will be disqualified. Rules during the event: 1. Event will be for 24 hours; the start and end times will be announced well in advance on our social media pages, website and will be communicated via email. 2. The topic for the event will be released 1 week prior to start date and the problem statement will be revealed 2 hours prior to the event start time. 3. A list of items that will be provided to you along with a list of prohibited items will be updated on our website and will be communicated via email. 4. You are allowed to access to the internet at all times, but participants are encouraged to come prepared with their own data packs due to the unreliability of the internet on campus area. Vodafone-Idea and Airtel work best. 5. All teams will set up a Tumblr blog (specifications will be provided) and it is through this we will monitor your progress and judge your process. You must make timely updates on this blog from start to finish. 6. Due to variability of output, there are no fixed criteria or rubric. 7. There will be a set of mini-design challenges through out the competition that will score you extra points. 8. Your final submission will be a video posted to the Tumblr blog (make sure yourselves aware of the technical restrictions of the platform) or a YouTube video with the Tumblr link posted on the blog. Any physical submissions (models, devices, electronics, etc.) must be submitted no later than 15 minutes after the event end time. 9. Your solution can be a service, a building, a poster, an electronic device or anything else under the sun. You submission however, must be inline with our zero-tolerance policy towards harassment and intoxication/substance abuse. 10. The event will take place in a room (known as the venue) which will be conveyed to you in advance before the event starts. During the event you are free to move about, however you must consult the organizers before leaving the campus premises. 11. The organizers have no obligation to give you back the submission (as a whole or in part(s)) after submission. You will have to make arrangements with the organizers and consult them if you would like any submission to be returned. The organizers will not be responsible for any damage caused to a submission after the submissions has been reviewed. 12. Any decisions taken by the organizers is final.

Prizes worth Rs. 20,000 to the winners

Aswath Sivakumaran 9884663006 [email protected]