CAD Theme Competition

In this event, participants will be given a real-life problem statement as a Theme, they have to work out on the theme in such a way that they should find an innovative design which best suits the Theme. “THIS CHALLENGE IS TO MAKE YOUR IMAGINATION ALIVE”. This is an offline competition that will be conducted in the institute and registered teams should report to the given venue on time. The team has to make a CAD model in any of the popular CAD Modelling Softwares. You can participate in a team of at most 3 students. PARTICIPATE IF YOU THINK YOU ARE DESIGNER IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE A GOOD IMAGINATION IF YOU THINK YOU CAN INNOVATE

1. The design of the model to be completed in 3 hour time period, the most suitable design in terms effectiveness, manufacturability and which satisfies the given theme will be the winning team. The theme will be given at the venue. 2. The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. 3. Given time to be used wisely and no extra time will be provided. 4. If the participant is not comfortable with Solidworks, they can bring their own PC (laptop) to make the model in any of the popular CAD modelling softwares

Prizes worth Rs.10,000 to the winners

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