Eagle’s View - RC Glider aeromodelling

As the name suggests, the aim of the competition is to come up with the best Radio-controlled Glider usable for surveillance in disaster affected as well as hilly areas. The competition involves the concepts related to Aerodynamics of Unmanned air vehicle.

Problem Statement: A team must design, fabricate and demonstrate a fixed wing aircraft system that can perform tasks with given constraints. Rules on Team structure: 1. Maximum of 4 members in a team. 2. Members of a team may be from same college/school or different (School/UG/PG). 3. Any number of teams can participate from one college/school 4. Professionals are not allowed. Only students can participate 5. A safety pilot might be available at the ground and, if needed, have control on your aircraft in case of emergency. But ensuring safety of your aircraft and not causing any damage to personnel or property at the venue is your responsibility. Design Constraints: 1. The competition requires participants to design and fabricate an RC aircraft. Readymade models, like RTF, ARF, BNF etc., are not allowed. 2. T/W <=0.75 without payload (If excess thrust is measured, it will be neutralized by adding weight below the aircraft at center of gravity) 3. Propeller diameter should not be greater than 13 inches 4. Wingspan should be a maximum of 1.2 m 5. Only electrical motors are allowed. The use of IC engines or any other means of providing thrust is prohibited. 6. Use of gyroscopes (gyros) and programming assistance in receivers is prohibited CERTIFICATE POLICY: 1. Top three teams will be awarded Certificate of Excellence. 2. Remaining teams will get participation certificate.

Prizes worth Rs.10000 to the winners

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