Be the modern Sherlock

THEME: This is an investigative journalism event. The main task of the event will be looking for what happened on a dark, red, bloody night. The participants will be given a crime, a mysterious one, to solve. There will be a killer, or many, suspects lying, blaming others falsely, or maybe telling the truth. It all comes down to the events that happened, the evidence that was left or erased. The participants will follow the proceedings of a detective, asking the suspects questions, looking for connections, re-evaluating the evidence, re-checking the crime scene. It all comes down to who is better and faster at figuring things out. The participants will be provided with all the aforementioned things like suspects and evidence, etc. and anything they will need to connect the dots. Rules: • The participation will be in teams of a maximum of 2 participants. Going Sherlock solo is cool too. This event will start on strict timings, so the participants are REQUIRED to be present before the event starts. The crime details will only be provided ONCE. • The participants will be allowed to access anything they want. They are free to roam and can submit their reports anytime they want before the deadline. By no means will the articles be accepted after the deadline. • NO indecent actions or threatening the suspects are allowed. Maintain professional behavior as a detective. • Points will be based on how well the report is made. • There will be two winners for this event: I. The first team to report the true story of the crime, with the weapon, motive and a short background will win the „Sir Arthur’s Best’ prize. ii. The team with the best-written report with an interesting story, irrespective of it being true or not, will win the Trump’s Favorite Reporters’ prize’. The amount of time taken by the team does not matter.

Prizes worth Rs. 4,000 to the winners

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