Bull’s Eye - Water Rocket

The event is aimed to bring out innovation in aerodynamic designing. There will be no constraint on the design and dimensions of the rocket, although a maximum of 60 psi pressure will be allowed.

• Each team should consist of maximum of 3 members. Members can be from different institutes. • Teams should have their own launcher, and in case they don't have, a simple launcher will be provided by Organizing Team. (NOTE: 30 points will be provided in each round if you use your own launcher.) • Participating team will be disqualified if any damage occurs to the launcher provided by the organizing team. • Teams having innovative mechanism must bring their own launcher like in case of booster, multistage. • Only one chance will be given to each team in each round. • Launching angle to be decided by the participating team. • Range (in meters) and time of flight (in seconds) will be measured by the organizers. • Only members of the participating team will be allowed to launch. • Rocket has to be launched from a fixed point on the ground using a fixed launcher. • Distance between the launcher and the first point of contact of falling rocket with the ground will be taken as the range. In case of booster and multistage, range will be calculated with the contact of last falling part (rocket). • Total Points = (Time of Flight*10) + Range (in meters) • Rules & regulations of the above rounds are liable to change as per the situation. • Any change regarding the event will be mentioned on the website and mailed to the registered participants. You are advised to visit the website regularly. • The decision of organizing team will be final and binding on all. Model specification: 1. Rocket may consist of electronic components for increasing time of flight by parachute or booster mechanism but chemicals are not allowed. 2. Metals are not allowed in any form to be used with the rocket. 3. Working fluid is water and only it should be used in propulsion of rocket, no other things or system should be used. Participants will use the water provided by the organizers. 4. Participants can make different models for different rounds. 5. Foot pump will be provided by organizers, this foot pump is compatible with the standard bike valve. Please check the sizes of nozzle which you are using in case of using your own launcher. If any other size than the standard available in the market is used, arrange it beforehand to avoid any inconvenience. It will not be provided by the organizers. In case participants using their own pumps, the pump must have a pressure gauge.

Prizes worth Rs. 10000 to the winners

Prathmesh Kumar Gupta Phone: 7317530189 Email:[email protected] Animesh Jain Contact: 9907446317 Email: [email protected] Harsh Vardhan Singh Email: 8247874466 [email protected]