Bots traversing the arena in minimum possible time. Whole tournament will be played to decide the winners.

Points distribution for the event are as follow: 1. Bot manufacturing – 80pts 2. Design (Not Beautification)- 50pts 3. Arena traversal – 800pts 4. Technical Inspection – 50pts 5. Beautification – 20pts Robot specification: 1. The minimum size of the bot should 25cm*25cm*25cm and the maximum should be 30cm^30cm*30cm. 2. There is no restriction on the bot’s weight. 3. The bot can be wired /wireless/autonomous. 4. The participants will be provided with 220 volts, 50 Hz standard AC supply. However, the participants cannot use this voltage apart from getting a (9-12 Volt) DC output through an adapter (will be provided at the event spot). This goes to say that no component on the robot may use a power supply higher than 12V DC. In case of wireless bots, even the power supply should be wireless (batteries to be brought down by the participating teams). 5. Only one participant should control the bot and the controller can’t be changed in the middle of track. Rules: 1. Max team size allowed is of 5 members. 2. Only one team member is allowed to operate the bot and only 3 members will be allowed in the arena. 3. The max time of traversal will be 8 minutes. 4. If the robot falls out of the track, it will be kept back at the last checkpoint (staring position of the hurdle) and 5 points will be deducted. 5. If the robot collides with a hurdle, 2 points will be deducted for every impact. 6. If the robot is unable to cross a particular hurdle, then 10pts + the particular hurdle points, will be deducted and you will be allowed to skip that hurdle. 7. Relative points will be awarded for completing the arena according to the time taken, at the end of the competition. 8. During the traversal maximum 2 chances (of 1 minute each) will be given to fix any technical faults(physical). 9. Organizing Committee reserves all the rights to make any changes at any point of time. 10. Extra points will be given for the wireless bot.

Prizes worth Rs.30,000 to the winners

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