Two bots playing soccer. Whole tournament will be played to decide the winners.

The objective is to design a manual robot and which can compete on an arena specially designed for robotic soccer match. The event is aimed at testing the Flipping, Kicking, maneuvering skills and the control of the robot. The event mainly consists of ROUNDS 1, 2 and 3. ROUND 1 (Elimination): • 5 balls are placed at specified locations on the arena. • Time limit is 3 minutes. • Participants can drive, push or hit the ball into any of the goal posts. • Points = number of goals. • If the ball is hit out of the arena then it will not be placed back. ROUND 2: • This is a knock out round (one on one). • Different color same size balls for different teams are placed in their half arena. • The ball of one arena has to be goaled into opposite arena goal post. White color ball is common to both of the teams placed in the center. • There will be a match of 2 minutes. • Points = number of goals. • Fouls will also be accounted to choose the winner. (Touching other team’s ball is a foul).white ball should be goaled after completion of his color balls. • Driving the ball intentionally towards the opponent leads to foul. • In Case of Tie one more minute will be provided.And if after 1 minute the result is still tie penalty shots will be provided ROUND 3: • Only one ball will be placed at the center,robots are initially placed at their respective goal posts. • Time limit is 3 minutes. • Participants should hit the ball into the opponent’s goal to score points. • Each participant can make as many as goals in the limited time. • Judging criteria for final winner will be based on number of goals scored . ROBOT SPECIFICATIONS: • The robot should fit inside a box of 30cm*30cm*30cm. • Robot's weight should not exceed 2 kg. • The robot can be wired, wireless or autonomous. • The robot should be self-powered with supply not exceeding 12V(on board power supply) • The participants will be provided with 220 volts, 50 Hz standard AC supply. However, the participants cannot use this voltage apart from getting a (9-12 Volt) DC output through an adapter (will be provided at the event spot). This goes to say that no component on the robot may use a power supply higher than 12V DC. In case of wireless bots, even the power supply should be wireless (batteries to be brought down by the participating teams). • Only one participant should control the robot and controller can't be changed in the match. RULES AND REGULATIONS: • Team can have maximum number of four members. • Only one participant should control the robot no player can be exchanged in the middle of match. • A robot can push or hit the ball. It cannot withhold or grab the ball. • Human interference (e.g. touching the robot) during the game is allowed only once and points will be deducted for that. • Decision of the Judges and Event Organizers shall be treated as final and binding on all and cannot be contested. The event coordinator is the match referee. He takes all the decisions and participants have to abide by it. • Coordinators reserve the right to ask for the explanation of the robot. The coordinator can change the rules of the game depending on the situation. • Rules & Regulations may change without prior notice, by the Event organizers. • Positions of balls and obstacles in the arena will be decided by the organizers on the particular day of event.

Prizes worth Rs.25,000 to the winner, runner up and the second runner up

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