Two bots fighting a battle. Whole tournament will be played to decide the winners.

Team Specification: 1-A team may consist of a maximum of 6 participants, all from the same institute only. 2-Team Name: Every team must have a name which must be unique. Please refrain from using inappropriate, offensive or conflicting team names. 3-Team Representative: Each team must specify their Team Representative (Leader) at the time of registration. All important communications between Event Coordinators and the registered teams will be done through their Team Representative. The Team representative must submit valid contact details (phone no., email ID etc.) at the time of registration. Dimensions and Fabrications: The bot should fit in a box of dimension 45cm x 45cm x 45 cm (lxwxh) with all Mechanisms fully executing motions. Length and width is measured to the extremities of the Robot, i.e. includes any overhanging bodywork, weaponry or protrusions. The external device (remote) used to control the bot is not included in the size constraint. Only Wired bots are allowed. Max weight of the bot can be 25kg. Criteria for Triumph: 1-A robot is declared victorious if its opponent is completely immobilized or out of the arena.(Knockout) 2-A robot will be declared immobile if it cannot display linear motion of at least one inch in a timed period of 40 seconds. A bot with one side of its drive train disabled will not be counted out if it can demonstrate some degree of controlled movement. 3-Robots cannot win by pinning or lifting their opponents. Organizers will allow pinning or lifting for a maximum of 15 seconds per pin/lift then the attacker robot will be instructed to release the opponent. If, after being instructed to do so, the attacker is able to release but does not, their robot may be disqualified. If two or more robots become entangled or a crushing or gripping weapon is employed and becomes trapped within another robot, then the competitors should make the timekeeper aware, the fight should be stopped and the robots separated by the safest means. 3-‘Points’ will be given on the basis of aggression, damage, control and strategy. Mobility and Weapons constraints: 1-Liquid projectiles (Foam, liquefied gases), any kind of chemicals, inflammable liquid, weapons causing invisible damage (Electrical weapons, RF jamming weapons and others) are NOT ALLOWED. 2-Flying (using air foil, helium balloons, ornithopters, etc.) is NOT ALLOWED. General guidelines: 1-The organizers reserve the rights to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit. Change in rules, if any will be notified to the registered teams.. 2-Violation of any of the above rules will lead to disqualification. 3-Judges' decision shall be treated as final and binding on all.

Prizes worth Rs.50,000 to the winners

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