Automobile Quiz

The questions of the quiz will be related to the components used in FSAE cars. The pattern of the quiz will be no different than the general quizzes conducted in the institute. 1. Theme: Automobile 2. All events will be conducted in CR with great light & sound effects, questions for the quiz competition will be asked on the projector screen, like KBC. 3. There will be no questions based on who designed this, when, blah blah blah, instead, it is all about technology and how much you are updated, component’s working, functioning, brainstorming, logic etc.

Rules: 1. A maximum of 2 members per team. 2. Participants are not allowed to use internet or any other kind of source during competition. 3. Participants will be provided with few hints/lifelines during the game. 4. No one is allowed to demotivate any participant during the game, if found will be considered as mental harassment. 5. Decision will be taken by organising committee and will be final, no arguments will be entertained. 6. Obscenity (at the discretion of the judges) of any kind is not allowed and will lead to immediate disqualification. Judging Criteria: 1. Spontaneity 2. Number of questions attempted 3. Number of correct answers 4. Percentile score

Prizes worth Rs.8000 to the winners

Keerty Dev Golhani 8982658423 Aditya John Xalxo 9575171942