LED Matrix - Animation and Gaming

It is a well-known fact that the ‘80s were a pioneering era in the industry of entertainment, especially in the field of gaming as many famous video games were invented in the ‘80s. In this event, you have to implement a game of your choice on a LED Matrix of your choice. This competition gives you a chance to explore your skills of electronics as well as of coding.

Rules: 1. The event will be conducted in two rounds – Prelims and Finals 2. Participants can have a team of 1-3 members. 3. In the prelims, you have to create an animation based on a given theme. Teams will be shortlisted for the final round. 4. In the finals, you have to display the game that you have developed on LED Matrix. 5. The score of prelims will have 25% weightage in determining the final score of teams. 6. Implementation on hardware will have significant additional weightage.

Prizes worth Rs.8,000 to the winners.

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