Express yourself through beat and grooves that'll leave an impression that'll last forever.

General Rules: • PROPS: All entries with the use of props must be declared prior to the performances and teams are required to bring their own set of props. • The use of fireworks is strictly prohibited. • The use of any material injurious to health is not allowed. • Dance forms can be of any type. • All music must be labeled in the following format: #NAME OF THE PARTICIPANT- EVENT. All music must be submitted by the music submission deadline in the MP3 format. • Dancers must always be ready to perform thirty minutes prior to their scheduled time. • Music can be stopped if it exceeds the maximum time allotted. • The creativity, choreography, flow of performance would be the main criteria of judgment, and the rest will be of the choice of the Judges. • In the case of a tie, there will be a face-off challenge whose judgment depends on the crowd as well as the judges. Any changes to the aforementioned guidelines will be informed to the concerned participants prior to their events. Round 1 o Time limit: --o Minimum - 1 minute --o Maximum - 3 minutes o There can be any song of your choice. Round 2 • A song will be provided to the selected contestants just after the declaration of the results of the 1st round and the contestants have to dance for a minimum 1.5 minutes and maximum of 3 minutes on the same song.

Prizes worth Rs. 15,000 to the winners

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