Unleash your inner acoustic. Unleash the tranquil sounds chained in your heart and let the stage resonate with the whispers of music.

• Time limit: 15 minutes including soundcheck. • There will be only a single round. • The group should be of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 participants. • Mashups and Medleys are allowed, provided they don’t exceed the time limit. • All genres are acceptable, provided that the songs are either in English, Hindi or any Indian regional language. No screaming/growling is allowed. • Please check the availability of the instruments with the organizing team prior to the event. In case of non- availability, you will have to arrange the instruments on your own. • Judging Criteria: ----o Coordination ----o Voice Quality (including clarity and enunciation) ----o Voice Modulation ----o Rhythm (Taal) ----o Pitch/Key (Sur) ----o Choice of Song ----o Appeal to the Audience • The decision of the judges and the organizers will be final & abiding.

Prizes worth Rs. 9,000 to the winners

Arjun Vijaykumar 8827683387 [email protected] Ayushi Gupta 7972964684 [email protected]