To find the Nightingale among us, we present Alap-The Solo Singing Competition. It’s an open to all competition, to enrich your day with wonderful performances.

• Time limit: • Prelims: 3 minutes including sound-check • Finals: 6 minutes including sound-check • Genre: Classical songs are NOT allowed. However, Semi-classical, Light Indian Music, Bollywood and Western songs (NO screaming/ growling) are allowed. • Language: All languages are allowed. • Background tracks are permitted. Participants will have to carry it in a pen drive and the submission of the track should be done prior to the event. • You may be asked to sing another song on the judge’s demand. • Mashups and Medleys are allowed, provided they don’t exceed the time limit. • You may bring along two accompanying instrumentalists with you, or may play the instrument yourself, or use an Electronic Tanpura (under either case, you can’t use more than two instruments.). However, only vocals shall be judged and the participants should bring their own musical instruments. • Judging Criteria: ----o Voice Quality (including clarity and enunciation) ----o Voice Modulation ----o Rhythm (Taal) ----o Pitch/Key (Sur) ----o Choice of Song ----o Appeal to the Audience • The choice of song is open to the participants but the song should not have any slang or derogatory • language. • Participants will not be allowed to refer to the lyrics while singing. If they do, points will be deducted accordingly. • Points may be deducted on exceeding the time limit. • You have to perform different compositions in the prelims and finale. • The decision of the judges and the organizers will be final & abiding.

Prizes worth Rs. 8,000 to the winners

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