To compete for the Throne, and the title of THE LORD OF STRINGS, AAVEG-The Band War is the best place to show how strong your Metal is. Aaveg is a competition designed to let you express your talent, creativity, and mettle. Registration Link for prelims given under participation tab.

Rules for eligibility • The competition is open for all college and semi-professional rock bands having at least one original composition. • Aaveg invites participants performing Classic Rock, Funk Rock, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Metal, or any other Rock-related genre. • The songs should be in English or any Indian language or the band can be fully instrumental as well. • The band should have a minimum of 2 and maximum of 8 members. Rules for the Prelims • . The band will be required to submit two SoundCloud links: - TWO recordings of original composition, OR - ONE original composition and ONE cover. • The bands will not be judged on the quality of the recording, but it is advised to be as high quality as possible for clarity. • One Live Video Recording (maximum of 3 minutes) of any song of your choice should be submitted before 2nd January 2020, for the preliminary round. • The judgement shall be done on the basis of how many likes the video submitted gets on the official page of INVICTA, till 2nd January 2020. • The winning band of the Preliminary Round will be given travel allowance from home city to Jabalpur (only in sleeper class Indian Railway- Tatkal booking not permitted). Fill up the google form and send the 3 minutes video to [email protected] with band name and band member details for your entry in the prelims. The judgment of the prelims shall be done on the basis of number of likes, comments and shares on the INVICTA's official facebook page by 2nd January,2020. Rules for the Main Event The main event will be held in the IIITDMJ campus and will consist of two parts. All the selected bands have to arrange their travel up to Jabalpur. Final Round All the bands who pass the prelims will compete in this round. • Each band would be given a stage time of 35 minutes, inclusive of sound set-up. • Basic sound equipment and a standard drum-kit will be provided, bands are however advised to bring their own guitars, keyboards, and additional equipment like specific Cymbals, Guitar Processor etc. • At any point of time at least three members need to be on the stage and the band should consist of not more than 8 members. • No pre-recorded audio is allowed. However, bands can use looper pedals for live looping. • The judge’s decision will be final. • You may use as many instruments as you wish. Please check the availability of the instrument with the organizing team prior to the event. In case of non-availability, you will have to arrange the instruments on your own. • The judges will evaluate the competitors on a number of criteria, such as range, artistic ability, technique, interpretation, phrasing, presence, etc. and will assign a score. The scores from all judges will then be averaged and the average score will determine the winners. • Any change in the above rules will be notified to the concerned bands prior to their performances. General Guidelines • The band must not be signed to any record label. • IIITDMJ reserves the right to upload/distribute the demo through various channels non-commercially. • Short Listing of bands will be done carefully and if the demo is found to be fraudulent, stringent measures will be taken. • INVICTA-2020, IIITDMJ reserves the right to cancel the prelims stage or hold the prelims at IIITDMJ in case of unforeseen circumstances. • INVICTA-2020, IIITDMJ reserves the right to shift any band's slot timings at any point of time before the prelims. • In case of any Intentional damage to the provided equipment by a member at any round, the band will be fined for the damage and may be disqualified. The decision is dependent on the nature of the damage and the judges' discretion. • INVICTA-2020, IIITDMJ reserves the right to cancel or change the venue of the finals in case of some unforeseen circumstances. • In case of any dispute, the decision of the organizers will be final and binding. Registration Link for prelims given under participation tab.

Prizes worth Rs. 1,00,000 to the winners

Ravish Shukla 8299384360 [email protected] Rohit Thakur 9319447093 [email protected] Manish Kumar Pandey 7272028119 [email protected]