HUNKAAR is all about creating awareness about social problems though the medium of street play. In this fast-developing world, very few people have a native taste for drama. If you can catch the attention & attract people to stay and watch your performance, here is your chance. The art of grabbing the audience’s attention is all that you need. No Lights, No mics, pure ACTION full of energy.

1. Team Size: 12-25 (including CAs and amp; music accompanists). 2. Teams have to mail the following things at [email protected] : Synopsis of the play (not more than 100 words) and Product List (List of production material and music instruments brought by the team. The subject of the email should be “College Name Play Name” before 20 Jan 2020. 3. Time Limit: 15-30 minutes. Points will be deducted on exceeding the time limit. 4. Judging Criteria: Acting, Voice (Sync, modulation and diction) Screenplay, Script, Audience Interaction & overall impact. 5. The team size represents the number of people registered as a team. Only these shall be allowed to perform the Street play. 6. Music accompanists are included in the team number stated above. A maximum of 5 can be included in the team. 7. Teams are expected to perform at an open-air venue with the audience all around. 8. No electrical appliances shall be allowed during the performance whether inside or outside the circle of performance. 9. Only live music is allowed. Teams will have to bring their own instruments. No instruments will be provided. 10. The language of the performance should be Hindi/English or both. However, short sub passages in other languages are allowed. 11. Any kind of Fluid, live animals, flames, heavy objects or any material which has a possibility of damaging the stage is not allowed. 12. Dry colors may be used during the play, but the teams have to clean the stage after their performance & the cleaning time will be included in the performance time. 13. Any kind of plagiarism & profanity will lead to immediate disqualification. 14. The decision of the judges and organizers will be final & abiding.

Prizes worth Rs. 40,000 to the winners

Ratnesh Dubey 9359038837 [email protected] Kushal Singhal 8302666623 [email protected]