JAM (Just a Minute)

Speak for a minute to win it.

• The JAM master is a god. No questions or arguments once the final decision has been made. • To object, slam the table and say “JAM”. The JAM master decides when you are allowed to put forth your objection. • You get a penalty if the competition objects on any of the following counts: ---- You object out of turn ---- You stutter, stammer, and generally indulge in “time-wasting tactics”. These include efforts to buy time like interspersing your talk with “uhh”, “aah” etc... ---- An early start and late start. ---- Speaking too fast or too slow. ---- Grammatical errors ---- Undue stress on words, undue emphasis in the sentences. ---- Repetition of a previously used idea ---- Not following the “random rules” as set by the JAM master. For example, the most popular random rule was “Praise Guntas before objecting”. If you forget to do so or the JAM master thinks that the praise was not good enough, you will not be allowed to object and lose points for an incorrect/bad objection. • The total time is sixty seconds, inclusive of all the time that all the speakers in a given round are allowed to speak. • Points are given in the following manner: ----o Positive points for every second that you speak. ----o Positive points for every correct objection. ----o Negative points for every incorrect objection. ----o Bonus points for being the last speaker. • The winner is the person with the maximum number of points at the end of the round

Prizes worth Rs. 3,000 to the winners

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